Introducing Notes


I have decided to post any notes that I take in relevance to their corresponding article. Attached to this post will be my notes on The Laramie Project and Paprika. Going forward, notes will be categorized as “Notes” in the menu and will be their own archive.

I almost always take notes while watching films on both my first and additional viewings, but sometimes I do not, so I can not always guarantee that notes on a film that is the subject of the latest essay will be available. Keep in mind that these pages might often be a little scratchy and littered with shortenings and other assorted lingo. The benefit to these notes, however, is that it may allow you to see some of my observations and ideas about the film that did not fit into the arching topic of its essay, but remain valid points (perhaps for another day).


Laramie Notes

Notes on The Laramie Project, Page I

Laramie notes 2

Notes on The Laramie Project, Page II

Paprika notes

Notes on Paprika